Sex Trafficking

Macaylah Mutchler
2 min readDec 11, 2020
Photo by Molly Belle on Unsplash

During my sophomore year of college, I read Francine Rivers’s novel, Redeeming Love.

In her novel, Rivers composes a fictional adaptation of the Biblical telling of the relationship between God’s prophet Hosea and the prostitute Gomer. Although Gomer proved unfaithful to Hosea many times, the Lord continued to ask Hosea to romantically pursue her, which he faithfully did.

Gomer intentionally chose a lifestyle of prostitution, which is different than the situation of those who have been entangled in the snare of sex trafficking.

In the simplest sense, sex trafficking is an exploitation. It is an exploitation of the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul. Little to no concern or care is shown toward the person who is being sold and used. It breaks my heart.

As someone who has struggled with deeply rooted insecurities and brokenness, I’ve found that my heart longs to give a voice to the voiceless. I long to share their story in a way that makes them believe they matter, and their story can be redeemed.

Photo by Bernard on Unsplash

Through this blog, I hope the true reality of sex trafficking is exploited, rather than the industry’s victims. I also hope that those who feel in any way used, broken, or damaged realize that is false. Instead, I hope they realize they are loved, redeemed, and precious to the very One who made them.